Who is Sigma Lambda Beta?

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. was founded as a Latino-based Fraternity at the University of Iowa in 1986. It is an organization dedicated to inspiring fairness, opportunity and equality in the community and the world, and though originally it was conceived to help unify the divided Latino community, it has done so much more. Membership has expanded far beyond its Hispanic-Latino origins to include men from cultures around the world making SLB one of the most culturally diverse Greek Lettered Organizations. Standing for Brotherhood, Cultural Awareness, Scholarship, and Community Service, Sigma Lambda Beta is the fastest growing organization of its kind and is truly dedicated to excellence.

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About Zeta Beta

The Zeta-Beta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta was founded in 1999 at the University of Florida and is one of founding organizations of the Multicultural Greek Council. We pride ourselves in promoting to the fullest, the advancement of all people and we stress the importance of cultural awareness in all that we do. From our member base to our programs, one will see the diversity come alive and through that diversity we strive to build leaders in every community on campus and beyond, and give them the tools to be successful in whatever they endeavor to do. We also strive to build on one’s strengths and improve on weaknesses, to develop positive attitudes and respect, and a mentality that encourages perseverance through adversity. 

Nationally Founded: April 4th, 1986 at the University of Iowa

Established at the University of Florida: Chartered on January 30th, 1999

Principles: Brotherhood, Scholarship, Cultural Awareness, and Community Service

Motto: “Opportunity for wisdom, wisdom for culture.”

Colors: Royal Purple & Pure White

Symbol: White Stallion Mustang

Flower: Red Carnation